What Exactly Is The Fiscal Cliff?

Money Matters Corner:  by Kenneth D. Stephenson What Exactly Is The Fiscal Cliff? The expiration of almost every tax cut enacted since 2001. A reduction in government spending first proposed during the 2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis called the Budget Control [...]


We all have choices. Choose poorly and you find yourself back at the drawing board forced to make new often harder choices. Don’t choose at all and you’ve just made a choice to be the passive receiver of whatever comes [...]

Cutting Thru The Confusion (Part 1)

I’ve had people tell me that my profession is complex, and not understood by the average consumer.  I would agree that it can be confusing and it could be simplified. That my friend is unfortunate and in my opinion the [...]

Bad Advice = Vanishing Retirement Plan

Here’s a rule of thumb that I’ve heard ever since I’ve been in this business that can surely lead you to financial ruins. Here it is… ” Take 4% out of your account per year at retirement age and you [...]

Why you need your own Pension Plan

Workers are now retiring at older ages because the incentives to retire have changed. Since the mid-1990s, the average retirement age has risen from 62 to 64 for men and from 60 to 62 for women, according to a new [...]

Time To Rollover That Retirement Account

Rollover That Retirement Account As Progress Energy and Cisco go thru the process of layoffs and severance packages you need to consider what you want to do with your 401-K or retirement account. You have a few options and you [...]

Dave Ramsey…The Good and Not So Good

As a Financial Advisor I have an obligation to confront this and tell you the truth. If you are a Dave Ramsey follower please read the whole blog and don’t jump to conclusions. I have met some of his followers [...]


Today’s economic environment is more complex than ever before, and achieving financial success can be an incredibly confusing process to even the most experienced individuals. That’s exactly why we’ve created this blog – to provide a forum for discussion, a [...]