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We all have choices. Choose poorly and you find yourself back at the drawing board forced to make new often harder choices. Don’t choose at all and you’ve just made a choice to be the passive receiver of whatever comes your way.  In essence, you make your choices and then your choices make you. Every decision, no matter how slight, alters the trajectory of your life. Whether or not you go to college, who you marry, every choice has an impact on the compound effect of your life. An excerpt from Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect”.

Last week, I had a candid conversation with a recently retired NFL player regarding his current financial advisor. He said he kept firing his advisors because when he questioned them about his investments they simply shrugged him off as an idiot athlete saying “you just continue to play football and I’ll handle the money, don’t you worry”. Finally, someone smartened up and chose to answer his questions thus making this player a knowledgeable investor.  An advisor’s fiduciary responsibility is to educate their clients and ensure they understand exactly where their hard earned money is invested. Athletes are just like the rest of us, but they have a shorter amount of time to make the money they’ll use the rest of the their life.  How they handle this money after retirement is key, much like the average joe. We all have a choice as to which financial advisor best fits our needs. Thankfully, this guy didn’t sit passively by and let someone take advantage of him and his family.  Be inquisitive, be a smart investor. Dave Ramsey says “personal finance is about 80% behavior. We all know what to do, you have to be intentional.” Be intentional about your retirement, start today, don’t wait until tomorrow.


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