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What Exactly Is The Fiscal Cliff?

Money Matters Corner:  by Kenneth D. Stephenson What Exactly Is The Fiscal Cliff? The expiration of almost every tax cut enacted since 2001. A reduction in government spending first proposed during the 2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis called the Budget Control [...]


We all have choices. Choose poorly and you find yourself back at the drawing board forced to make new often harder choices. Don’t choose at all and you’ve just made a choice to be the passive receiver of whatever comes [...]

Cutting Thru The Confusion (Part 1)

I’ve had people tell me that my profession is complex, and not understood by the average consumer.  I would agree that it can be confusing and it could be simplified. That my friend is unfortunate and in my opinion the [...]

Bad Advice = Vanishing Retirement Plan

Here’s a rule of thumb that I’ve heard ever since I’ve been in this business that can surely lead you to financial ruins. Here it is… ” Take 4% out of your account per year at retirement age and you [...]

Why you need your own Pension Plan

Workers are now retiring at older ages because the incentives to retire have changed. Since the mid-1990s, the average retirement age has risen from 62 to 64 for men and from 60 to 62 for women, according to a new [...]